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  • SaladBoy109
    06.26.12 17:00:11
    This place is so awesome!!!!!
  • Semiya5
    06.24.12 22:13:06
    Dawg, miss the shows. Hope stuff works out where you can start up again
  • ABCDawg
    06.24.12 20:35:59
    I've been playing "The Secret World". It's pretty cool so far!
  • VmKid
    06.24.12 20:13:14
    Looks like it'd be fun, but I don't own Arma 2. What I want to try is "Artemis". «link»
  • SaladBoy109
    06.24.12 15:01:16
    Anyone try Arma 2 DayZ mod? Looks really for a very simple oriented game. It's left for dead meets grand left auto
  • NightMayor
    06.17.12 05:52:01
    It's alright C.Dawg, just don't push yourself too much. We're really not going anywhere. Wink
  • ABCDawg
    06.13.12 22:47:36
    Can I just say... I love that you guys still come back here to chat with each other sometimes. Smile Things in my life have becoming horribly unstable all over again. It really, really sucks.
  • turokzelda
    06.11.12 11:33:41
    my point is im done with high school and you still have 3 more years ;3
  • SHORTY1114
    06.09.12 14:23:15
    and your point is...
  • turokzelda
    06.09.12 14:21:00
    graduation was so hot...
  • Abccrazy
    06.05.12 19:56:11
    Bout time shortty Very Happy proud of you!
  • SHORTY1114
    06.03.12 19:36:37
    guess who FINALLY got minecraft... this girl Very Happy
  • Abccrazy
    05.27.12 20:59:23
    Guys I have almost finished building my new super computer then Im gonna start streaming. Very Happy
  • VmKid
    05.23.12 18:02:33
  • SHORTY1114
    05.21.12 15:02:03
    i miss yall. Sad
  • turokzelda
    05.20.12 00:14:47
    it was vmkid, he got an m11x is i remember right
  • SaladBoy109
    05.19.12 08:22:32
    I remember someone in the past making a post about buying a gaming laptop. Don't remember who it was though. Was curious what kind or brand you went with? Against my better judgment I'm considering buying one. What alternatives to Alien should I consider?
  • NightMayor
    05.15.12 13:56:00
    I miss the show. Most of all I miss choosing wallpaper with you guys. Crying or Very Sad
  • NightMayor
    05.11.12 14:08:36
    Oh hai! Smile
  • Abccrazy
    05.10.12 15:21:00
    It has been more than a month since I've been on and only a couple post what happend guys we are always offline II hope this changes during the summer. Miss watching dawgnet alot and talking to everbody
  • SHORTY1114
    05.05.12 15:02:27
    I miss DawgNet. I check every day to see if anything new has been posted. It's almost been 2 years since I found DawgNet, and I really miss it.
  • MsSelfDestructz
    05.05.12 01:23:50
    Well, I have to say, it is good to hear from you though! I've been wondering, and I am sure many of us have been wondering, if you're doing OK!
  • ABCDawg
    05.01.12 00:55:55
    I'm really not sure... Confused
  • MsSelfDestructz
    04.30.12 18:15:45
    I keep checking back, but don't see much as for the show goes... I haven'nt seen anything from 'ABCDawg' either, is the show officially over???
  • gregjent07
    04.27.12 16:15:33
    whats up everybody

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Dawg's Playlist... A Christmas Together

Posted by ABCDawg

DawgNet - A Christmas Together: John Denver & The Muppets - Album Cover

As a kid, we had a record player and a lot of records. The funny thing is, I don't remember receiving any of these records as gifts, or where they would've come from.

Regardless, that record player was used well into my teens. Particularly because there were so many albums that held a lot of sentimental value for all of us in my family. This includes other favourites such as the Boney M Christmas Album, The Carpenters, Anne Murray's Christmas album.

We'd listen to them over and over. It would be someone's job on Christmas morning to go and flip or change the record when it was done, as the record player would be blasting from upstairs while we'd be downstairs in the living room with the tree and gifts.

This particular album, A Christmas Together: John Denver & The Muppets, is one of those that will live in infamy in my mind.

I didn't really know who John Denver was. I knew what he looked like by his picture on the album cover. Of course, he would pass away in 1997, when I would at least be old enough to appreciate the loss to the musical world.

I gotta say, too, this is the only version of this song that I can stand to listen to all the way through. It's brilliantly done! And, admittedly, brings a bit of a tear to my eye in the listening. Gotta love nostalgia.

Now I'm going to go listen to the rest of the album!


#2 ABCDawg 2012-01-28 05:08 Quote Heheh, it's true! Fozzy does look hungry!!

Except that's not Kermit. That's Kermit's nephew, whose name now escapes me...
#1 SGTHELMER 2012-01-27 06:37 Quote The First thing I saw when looking at the picture was fozzy bear eating kermet the frog

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