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  • SaladBoy109
    06.26.12 17:00:11
    This place is so awesome!!!!!
  • Semiya5
    06.24.12 22:13:06
    Dawg, miss the shows. Hope stuff works out where you can start up again
  • ABCDawg
    06.24.12 20:35:59
    I've been playing "The Secret World". It's pretty cool so far!
  • VmKid
    06.24.12 20:13:14
    Looks like it'd be fun, but I don't own Arma 2. What I want to try is "Artemis". «link»
  • SaladBoy109
    06.24.12 15:01:16
    Anyone try Arma 2 DayZ mod? Looks really for a very simple oriented game. It's left for dead meets grand left auto
  • NightMayor
    06.17.12 05:52:01
    It's alright C.Dawg, just don't push yourself too much. We're really not going anywhere. Wink
  • ABCDawg
    06.13.12 22:47:36
    Can I just say... I love that you guys still come back here to chat with each other sometimes. Smile Things in my life have becoming horribly unstable all over again. It really, really sucks.
  • turokzelda
    06.11.12 11:33:41
    my point is im done with high school and you still have 3 more years ;3
  • SHORTY1114
    06.09.12 14:23:15
    and your point is...
  • turokzelda
    06.09.12 14:21:00
    graduation was so hot...
  • Abccrazy
    06.05.12 19:56:11
    Bout time shortty Very Happy proud of you!
  • SHORTY1114
    06.03.12 19:36:37
    guess who FINALLY got minecraft... this girl Very Happy
  • Abccrazy
    05.27.12 20:59:23
    Guys I have almost finished building my new super computer then Im gonna start streaming. Very Happy
  • VmKid
    05.23.12 18:02:33
  • SHORTY1114
    05.21.12 15:02:03
    i miss yall. Sad
  • turokzelda
    05.20.12 00:14:47
    it was vmkid, he got an m11x is i remember right
  • SaladBoy109
    05.19.12 08:22:32
    I remember someone in the past making a post about buying a gaming laptop. Don't remember who it was though. Was curious what kind or brand you went with? Against my better judgment I'm considering buying one. What alternatives to Alien should I consider?
  • NightMayor
    05.15.12 13:56:00
    I miss the show. Most of all I miss choosing wallpaper with you guys. Crying or Very Sad
  • NightMayor
    05.11.12 14:08:36
    Oh hai! Smile
  • Abccrazy
    05.10.12 15:21:00
    It has been more than a month since I've been on and only a couple post what happend guys we are always offline II hope this changes during the summer. Miss watching dawgnet alot and talking to everbody
  • SHORTY1114
    05.05.12 15:02:27
    I miss DawgNet. I check every day to see if anything new has been posted. It's almost been 2 years since I found DawgNet, and I really miss it.
  • MsSelfDestructz
    05.05.12 01:23:50
    Well, I have to say, it is good to hear from you though! I've been wondering, and I am sure many of us have been wondering, if you're doing OK!
  • ABCDawg
    05.01.12 00:55:55
    I'm really not sure... Confused
  • MsSelfDestructz
    04.30.12 18:15:45
    I keep checking back, but don't see much as for the show goes... I haven'nt seen anything from 'ABCDawg' either, is the show officially over???
  • gregjent07
    04.27.12 16:15:33
    whats up everybody

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